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Travel the Rainbow, Witness the Fear, Witness the Joy

The Joy

(Over 10,000 years ago, the River Indian women witness the birth of Jessica’s ancestor in the circular Moon Hut.)

And finally there she was – Kanadini’s daughter, Amrisha’s grandchild.  Wet and slippery like a newly caught fish from the river, she was caressed in Kanadini’s arms and the transformation was magical. All the mothers in the hut cried with her at the memory of that moment; the moment they too had given birth.  That change from apprehension, deep contemplation and ultimate physical effort to laughter, light, love and joy.  That unique moment which only a woman can know - the moment when she meets her child for the first time.

Kanadini called out into the night, a powerful resonant voice proclaiming her newborn child.  The sound of the men cheering echoed back across the small village.  The people were united, bonded by the arrival of a new soul amongst them.

Amrisha felt overwhelmed as she watched her new grand-daughter find her mother’s breast and begin suckling for the first time.

Ixchel took Jessica’s hand and looked deep into her eyes.  Jessica knew it was time to go, but didn’t want to leave the simple happiness of this world.

‘Learn the first truth, Jessica.  Grounded in the red soil of our Earth and in touch with the ruby blood of the moon, woman feels no fear, she is master of her destiny,’ whispered Ixchel.  ‘The first colour is restored; trust your femininity, trust the journey.’

The Fear

“My stomach felt like it had turned to jelly and my head pounded when I turned to the middle-page spread and stared in disbelief.  In front of me was a full-colour and close-up photograph of a baby’s head, covered in a bloody mass of hair and like some bloated alien-being was forcing its way through its mothers vagina, which was being so stretched it looked ready to explode.  I felt sick.  Without thinking, I ripped the pages out and tore them into little pieces, denying their existence.  But I could not make that picture disappear; it plagued me at the most unexpected moments, day and night, with that unsettling and dragging feeling of fear deep inside my abdomen.”

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