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The Awakening
Jessica Buckley

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Who is Jessica  Buckley and why does she need awakening?

It’s 2012 and Jessica Buckley is pregnant.  Amongst a myriad of her own mixed emotions and the devastating response of her partner, Matthew, she also finds that she has an irrational and debilitating fear of childbirth.  The promise of a surgeon’s scalpel - an elective Caesarean  - seems the only light at the end of her dark tunnel.

Isolated, frightened and yearning for her lost love, Jessica is visited by a mysterious woman who tells her there is another way, but to find it she must learn the truth of the inheritance of her deep emotional scars.  Ixchel offers to take Jessica on the ultimate journey, to witness both the exquisite joys of the deep feminine primal woman and chilling suffering of the ascent of modern woman - she must travel her matriarchal line before she can fully awaken in this age of technocratic birth.  But is she brave enough to take the ultimate journey?

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